The entire staff and family of AKTINA Productions, Inc., CYPRECO of America, Inc., AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV deeply mourn the passing of their late friend and supporter, Lavrentis Machairitsas.  Machairitsas has been closely collaborating with AKTINA and CYPRECO since 2013 and has participated in three different benefit concerts for AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV all of which have been crowned with huge success.  The concerts, from AKTINA's acclaimed series, GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY (GMJ) were given at the Kaye Playhouse theater in Manhattan, New York.  Read more about these concerts and watch videos of Lavrentis Machairitsas: GMJ 2013 concert GMJ 2013 videosGMJ 2015 concert, GMJ 2015 videosGMJ 2017 concert and GMJ 2017 videos.


In a special and very emotional tribute which also celebrates the life of the late Lavrentis Machairitsas, AKTINA pays farewell to the legendary songwriter/singer who passed away on September 9, 2019 following a heart attack.  Lavrentis Machairitsas lives in our hearts!  His exceptional songs which wrote an exceptional history in the Greek music repertoire also live on and will continue to be an integral part of the music identity of both AKTINA FM and AKTINA TV!




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